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This prophecy states that a child of both Elf and Orc blood will simultaneously destory and save both races.   This prophecy talks about the struggle and the conflict that flows through the child. It talks about a tempest of change, of crucible and a destruction.   But there is also talk of unity, harmony, and choices to be made.

Historical Basis

There is no historical basis for this prophecy. In the early days of both races, an Elf¬†participated in an Orc¬†blood ritual and both had a vision of this prophecy.   Both races believe in it wholeheartedly since one from each race had the same vision.


It is common knowledge by both races.

Variations & Mutation

There really hasn't been any variation to this prophecy. It was told to the races as it was seen.   Since the Elf race is immortal, they remember it word for word, and if they need to they can always ask the visioner to recite if for them.   The Orcs haven't passed it down, and don't recite it word for word, but get the gist of the prophecy across to the next generation.

Cultural Reception

It is accepted as fact by both races. It has come to pass that it is forbidden to mix the two races.

In Literature

An Elf historian did write it down, but it is a document that has been collecting a lot of dust. It is possible so detriorated at this point that one cannot read it.
Date of First Recording
2 Solaris 505 AE (by the Human calendar)
Date of Setting
Unknown date (has been indefinitely postponed and can stay that way as far as anyone is concerned)
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Jan 6, 2024 00:58 by Desdemona Rose

I really like your prose for the prophecy. It points out how important they are, but the saphine still has autonomy to be good, bad, or a little bit of both. I would think, in a story, you can build more tension with the character possibly going either way and the reader doesn't know.   You have "as the visioner" instead of ask under variations.   The only suggestion I would give is to put your link to the prophecy near the top. I'm basing this solely off of personal opinion nothing professional, but it might be more intriguing for them to read it, maybe below the summary, then come back for the history.   I really like your graphics as well.