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Cosmic Tapestry


This is heaven for the Humans of Caelum Prime. It is considered to be the interstellar space that enfolds their world. So, it is filled with stars, suns, other planets, and everything that makes up interstellar space.   Infinite Grace and the Eternals freely inhabit and travel through this domain without any issue because this is thieir home environment. But they do live on slightly different plane of existence than Humans but they can still interact with them.   This means that when Humans (while alive) view space, either from the planet or travel into space, they do not see Infinite Grace or the Eternals. It's when they die they join Infinite Grace on its plane of existence.   When they die, the see a golden sky sparkling with jewels down, violet clouds and radiant blue grass, among other beautiful planets and animals. Infinite Grace amd the Eternals spend time with them when they aren't fighing the @glo


Infinite Grace created this universe after it show the destruction Gloombringers wrought in the Milky Way Galaxy and on Earth. It was once a battle angel of God's who managed to survive and grow stronger.   In its growth period, Infinite Grace merged the Milky Way galaxy with the Netherrealm, saving what Humans it could.   Infinite Grace hoped that by doing this it would be able to lock Gloombringers out of the new universe.
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