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  • Savanna (590K mi2)
  • Tropical Seasonal Forest (330K mi2)
  • Hot Desert (262K mi2)
  • Temerate Deciduous Forest (224K mi2)
  • Tripical Rainforest (140K mi2)
  • Temperae Rainforest (106K mi2)
  • Grassland (134K mi2)
  • Wetland (87K mi2)
  • Cold desert (100K mi2)
  • Taiga (14K mi2)
  • Tundra (11K mi2)
  • Mountains (the remining area)
  • Total Land Area: 2.1M mi2
There is just about an equal balance between land area and water. Though, the water is pink and there less of it than what Humans are used to on Caelum Prime.


For the most part similar to Caelum Prime. The soil is more acidic than what they are used to and there is more Krypton in the air. This gas has had its effects on the ecosytem, and effects the Humans when they arrive.

Localized Phenomena

Static Storm: Static ignites high in the atmosphere and descends in a large sheet. It gets tinted with various colors based on what gases it interacts with. These storms hit periodically and it's best not to have any electronics and the like running when it happens. Being inside some place safe is the only way to ensure one makes it through one of these safely and alive.


Each area has a similar climate as to Caelum Prime. The lower water levels, the higher Krypton in the air and the binary suns have altered the climate just enough that Humans have had adjust.

Fauna & Flora

Most flora and fauna are dead due to Shadow Star being a carnivourous plant.   What has survived are lean and hardy. They aren't very useful to the Humans who arrive on the planet. Scientists genetically adapt agricultural food to grow. They are currently looking into engineering fauna to survive on the planet.


This was once home to the Kiwta, and the Ta, and the Pecou. They had long since become extinct due to the Shadow Star.
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