Ripper Star

Power Generation

It utilizes a cutting-edge power generation system that combines a Synthetic Molecular Motor and advanced solar sails. The synthetic molecular motor efficiently converts various energy sources into power, providing a sustainable and versatile energy solution. Solar sails harness the energy from the star it orbits, ensuring a continuous power supply during the voyage.


The ship employs advanced propulsion systems, including a combination of ion thrusters and an experimental hyperdrive. Ion thrusters offer precise and efficient maneuvering in space. The experimental hyperdrive doesn't work as originally intended. It has only boosted the ship's speed to 80 percent of light speed.

Armor and defense

The ship has thick plating and reinforced walls to ensure protection from cosmic dust, particles, radiation and other hazards that could interfere with the ship's systems or kill the Humans onboard

Communication Tools & Systems

It is equipped with a sophisticated communication array. Long-range subspace communicators facilitate communication with Earth but this only lasts for around 100 to 125 years. Additionally, first generation quantum entanglement communication devices enable instantaneous communication between different sections of the ship and with exploration teams.


The ship boasts a comprehensive sensor suite for navigation, exploration, and security. This includes advanced telescopic sensors, planetary scanners, and threat detection systems. These sensors contribute to mapping the cosmos, identifying potential habitable planets, and ensuring the safety of the colonists.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Various auxiliary systems support life onboard. These include artificial gravity generators, waste recycling systems, and medical facilities.

Hangars & docked vessels

It is equipped with hangar bays for smaller exploration vessels and shuttles. These smaller crafts are essential for planetary exploration, resource gathering, and scientific research. The hangars also house maintenance drones and repair facilities to ensure the seamless operation of these vessels.
Beyond the Stars, We Forge New Beginnings
Creation Date
2550 SE to 2600 SE
Owning Organization
Current location
Related Myths
Extremely (This is the only colony ship ever made)
200 meters
50 meters
100,000 metric tons (including cargo and supplies)
80 percent of light speed
Complement / Crew
5 dedicated and trained crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
2,000 Passengers and 50,000 cubic meters for cargo

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