Soulweave's Embrace


Long ago, in the depths of a sacred mine, a mysterious and semi-sentient carnivorous plant named Shadow Star Bloom took root. This plant, with its dark allure and ominous beauty, possessed the unique ability to feed off the souls of sentient beings.   The legend tells of the Elder Ta who, recognizing the plant's danger, yet sensing a deeper connection to the cosmic forces, decided to protect it rather than eradicate it. The story unfolds as the Elder Ta order the study of Shadow Star Bloom, seeking to understand its strange nature and the cosmic energy it harbors. The legend captures the tension between the instinct to preserve a sacred relic and the fear of a potentially malevolent force, weaving a narrative of mystery, danger, and the pursuit of knowledge within the Ta community.

Historical Basis

This legend is based on the Ta's deep connection to the earth, especially to the mineral and gems found in mountains, and on their belief that there's more to the cosmos than what they know. Thus they believe that this plant is sent to them from the stars to explore and understand themselves and their world better before the start walking among the stars.


This is an oral legend that is passed among the Elder Ta. It isn't told to the younger generations because it is believed they are ready for such knowledge yet.   There are only a hand few of Kiwta and Pecouian who are told, and it isn't something they often think about, even those in Moonmore above Shadow Star Mines.   The Elder Ta of the other mines believe know of it and believe in it but also believe that if the plant is ever found, it will be found in Shadow Star Mines.

Variations & Mutation

In the Shadow Star Mines the legend has, for the most part, stayed the same, with a few words (here and there) changed, a few dropped or added.   In the other mines, it has changed to say that this is something (if it happens) that will occur in the Shadow Star Mines and no where else.

Cultural Reception

The Ta, especially the Elders, embrace it wholeheartedly. It is so well recieved that it has essiently become their religion, even if the younger generations don't have all the information to being with.
Date of First Recording
Fourth Sun of the First Era
Date of Setting
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