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Shadow Star Bloom

Basic Information


It has roots for drawing water and nutrients from the soil (though this isn't its preferred source of food). It has a thick stock to support the large head of leaves (cross between a venus flytrap and a artichoke). It can open these leaves and eat humanoids with its razor sharp teeth. It has tendrils that are long and strechable. They are strong enough to pick up a humanoid. It is dark in color and in the dark in glows with the sprinkle of stars on the leaves surface.

Ecology and Habitats

Shadow Star Mines is it's main habitat. with roots and tendrils spreading out all over Nisa.

Dietary Needs and Habits

While it can sustain of the water and nutrients found in soil and rock, what truly statisfies it is eating a humaniod. The nutrients it gets from the meat is better than what it gets from the soil and rock. The souls it stores to slowly draw energy from which helps it survive off the soil and rock longer when it can't eat any humanoids.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Through it roots in the ground, it senses when there are sentient beings such as humaniods living on the planet.

Civilization and Culture


It sprang into being from a seedling that fell into Shadow Star Mines and into a small underground pool of water that hadn't been uncovered by the Ta yet. It was sad to be alone and in the dark. But as it grew in the water, it dug its roots deep and was able to sense the humaniods above. It loved the hatred and cruelty that was happening and it drank it up through the soil, allowing it to grow larger.   It was disappointed when the races made peace. But it had enough nutrients to survive until the Ta found it. Once they did, it bide its time before it started feasting. Eventually it ate everyone on Nisa and had to go into hibernation until Humans showed up and unlocked the mine doors. It feed on a few before it was killed.
Scientific Name
Carnivorae Soulivora Mortisfloralis
It came into being out of the hatred and cruelty of the war. Though legend has a different take on it.
Geographic Distribution
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