30. Shadows Disentombed

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Character Development: More background information and emotional depth for the characters would enhance their relatability and the story's impact.   Dialogue: Some dialogue can be more natural and nuanced to reflect the characters' unique voices and personalities better.   Pacing: The story's pacing can be adjusted to ensure a smoother transition between scenes and maintain suspense.   Clarity: Some sections, particularly those involving the ancient texts and their significance, could be clarified to ensure readers fully understand their importance.   World-Building: Adding more descriptive details about the setting and the previous civilization would enrich the world and create a more immersive experience.


  • Survival
  • Mystery and Exploration
  • Leadership and Responsibility
  • Cooperation and Conflict



Alina Rexwood is studying the ruined city of Moonmore on Nisa. She has three languages to learn but has yet to find the rosetta stone.   Mordecai Rexwood approaches to let her know that they've found a large door in the middle of the city (as the city is wrapped around a mountain they assume it's a mine) which has a fourth language on it.

Rising Action

Alina studies the door and draws it out, so that she had the language. While there, she find her rosetta stone. As she finishes it up, a static storm starts up. Mordecai and Alina have to hid in the ground. Their dig cuts through some roots. Alina believes she hears a scream.   Afterwards, she ends up with a headache and a bad dream.


Jothan is brought to Site Two to study the roots, but without the main plant there is only so much he can do.   Alina translates the door and the translation scares her.   Back at the Ripper Star, the council is informed about what she found. It's decided to "use" the rapist to open the door.

Falling Action

Once the door is open, the Shadow Star Bloom begins its intensive killings again. Rufina and a small portion of her team kill the plant, but not before are lost, like Mordecai.


25 years later, with the plant dead, the colony can thrive. Ripper Star City has been established. Alina Rexwood, scarred has raised her twins with the help of Rufina. She now has grandchildren. She's never returned to Site 2.
1 Luminalis 2950 WAR
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Chapter/Short Story
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