19. Come Again

Balancing Pacing and Emotional Impact:
Start with a Hook: Instead of starting with Lilly visiting Henrietta, consider opening with a scene that introduces the mystery and emotional core of the story. Maybe it's Lilly finding a strange message written on the mirror in her lipstick, or a glimpse of Julian trying to move an object. Intersperse Exposition: Reveal details about Julian's past and his connection to the apartment gradually throughout the story. This will keep the reader engaged in the present mystery while building intrigue about Julian's backstory.
Developing Character Depth
Show, Don't Tell: Instead of stating that Julian feels rage or grief, show these emotions through his actions and internal monologues. How does he react to seeing Comfort and Chloe together? What are his thoughts as he watches new tenants move in and out? Give Lilly a Stronger Arc: While Julian's story is tragic, explore how this experience changes Lilly. Does she grapple with fear or disbelief? How does she come to terms with her unique situation?
Building Suspense and Tension
Raise the Stakes: As the story progresses, consider raising the stakes for Julian and Lilly. Is there a threat of someone else discovering Julian's existence? Does Julian have a way to communicate with the outside world beyond the apartment? Deepen the Mystery of Comfort's Death: Julian mentions Comfort died in a drunk driving accident, but is there more to the story? Could Chloe have been involved somehow? Consider planting clues or hints throughout the story that foreshadow this revelation.
Crafting a Satisfying Ending
Consider the Emotional Payoff: While the ending hints at a hopeful future for Julian and Lilly, consider whether this is the most satisfying conclusion for the story's themes. Does Julian find peace or closure regarding his murder? Does he learn to let go of the past and move on?


  • Deception and Betrayal
  • Love and Loss
  • The Afterlife
  • Isolation and Connection
  • Moving On and Forgiveness



Lilly Cadwell is talking to Henrietta Smith by way of the holographic projection of the Lumicomm about Julian Smith. She learns that he wasn't the deceased person her landlord was talking about.

Rising Action

After the call and a walk, Lilly Cadwell confronts Julian Smith over dinner about what she learned from his grandmother.


Julian Smith enters Lilly Cadwell's body and shares his memories with her. She sees his death as well as his life as a Ghost, including what he did to Chloe


After accepting this new information about Julian Smith, Lilly Cadwell still wants him to be a part of her life. They reveal his presence when Henrietta Smith comes over.
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