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21. Twilight's Heritage

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Clarify Ella's Motivation: Clearly establish why Ella is so determined to find Uncle Seth and uncover her heritage. Make her motivations personal and relatable.   Enhance Magical Elements: Describe the magical elements in more detail. How does Ella's heritage affect her abilities? What unique powers do Elves and Ogres have, and how does this impact the story?   Strengthen Relationships: Develop the relationships between Ella and other characters, particularly her interactions with Jared and Anlyth. Show how these relationships influence her decisions and growth.   Tension and Suspense: Build tension and suspense throughout the story. Use cliffhangers at the end of chapters to keep readers eager to find out what happens next.   Resolution: Ensure the resolution ties up loose ends and provides a satisfying conclusion to Ella’s journey. Reflect on how she has changed and what she has learned.   And Character Development


  • Identity and Self-Discovery
  • Family and Relationships
  • Conflict and Resolution
  • Courage and Growth
  • Good vs. Evil
  • Acceptance and Belonging



Ella Cooper is going through her uncle Seth Cooper's house after his disappearance. She comes across a Shadowfang Whisker Basket and A Plea for Protection.


Jared Cooper comes home to find out that Ella Cooper has found the note and about her true identity. This disscussion is interrupted by a projection of Seth Cooper who relays the demands of Anlyth Nightshade.

Rising Action

Ella Cooper and Jared Cooper go into The Night Lands to rescue Seth Cooper.   Jared has to deal with his fear of what they are facing as well as what Ella is becoming. As they travel further into The Night Lands, the harder this becomes. They face off against a solitary Orc who agrees to get Shamar.


Shamar and a group of Moonshadow Clan Orcs take Ella Cooper into the Forest to get Seth Cooper. There's a fight between Ogres and Elf kind.

Falling Action

Having successfully rescued Seth Cooper, Ella Cooper guards him and Jared Cooper, while Seth recovers enough to travel through the Night Lands Portal.   Seth refuses to accept what Ella has become. Jared tries to referee but she doesn't believe him. Then Ella is confront by the last remaining Ogre.


One final battle with the last Ogre (Nerug) outside the hut and The Night Lands is once again free of them.   Ella Cooper agrees to take both Orc and Elf as mates to help rebuild both races, essentially becoming Eve to a new race.   She escorts Jared and Seth back to the Portal. Once they are on the other, Jared has regrets about leaving her behind.
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