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Night Lands Portal


This portal was created by Infinite Grace so that the Human, Elf, and Orc races could interact with each other. But Humans quickly relegated non-humans are myths, legends and fairytales so they never used the portal. Because of this belief, they forgot the portal existed.   Both the Elf and Orc races were too busy fighting and ensuring that Saphine didn't live that they never used the portal. They also showed no interest in getting to know Humans. Though, they were worried about incursions so they altered the portal enough that it required the being using it to know Chyaparathi.


The air shimmers and shakes when one looks at this area, especially when the sun is shining. It smelled like the morning after a good rain.   Once the correct phrase is said, the portal opens. When it opens, there is a breeze that comes up in gusts, almost tornado like condition but not quite. A cyclone does form and causes black out conditions for a few minutes. When the wind dies, the person using the portal is on the other side.


It is located in a meadow to the north of North Pass, Zavartia. The whole meadow is the portal but it can only be opened by saying, "de dy", which is "Bring it" in the Chyaparathi language.   In the The Night Lands, it is located just outside the Elf forest on the east side of the land.
Metaphysical, Arcane

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