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25. When the Wind Blows

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Show, Don't Tell: Deeper Sensory Details: Instead of telling us it's cold, describe the wind whipping at Pearl's face, the sting of icy rain, or the way her breath comes out in white puffs. Focus on Pearl's Actions: Show us Pearl packing her supplies, greeting people at the lodge, or experiencing the pain in her arm during the fight.
Intensify the Threat
Describe the Kruv'al: Give us a more vivid description of the Kruv'al beyond their appearance. How do they move? What sounds do they make? Raise the Stakes: Consider adding a personal connection to the threat. Perhaps Pearl witnesses a Kruv'al take someone she cares about.
Emotional Connection
Explore Pearl's Thoughts: Let the reader understand Pearl's emotions beyond her stoicism. Is she scared? Angry? Proud? Develop Supporting Characters: Give some of the other characters distinct personalities and voices.
Intrigue and Pacing
Start with the Storm: Open the story with the howling wind and the approaching storm. This will grab the reader's attention from the beginning. Intersperse Backstory: Reveal details about the Kruv'al and Pearl's history throughout the story in bits and pieces through dialogue or flashbacks.


  • Tradition
  • Community
  • Resilience



Pearl Breakheart closes up her shop early for the day. The major winter storm is coming in.


She joins her fellow Inua Nara for a celebration/pre-battle dinner.

Rising Action

After Pearl Breakheart gives a pep speech, they get ready and head out to face the Kru'val.


Battle on the beach of Safe Harbor. Pearl Breakheart loses her arm.

Falling Action

The Kru'val are repelled for another year.
15 Solistice 2026 IE
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Chapter/Short Story
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