29. The Broken Society

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World-Building Covenant of the Scattered: Explain the origin and purpose of the Covenant. Why do they live on a cluster of cargo containers? What threat are they hiding from? Broken Society: Flesh out the details of the Broken Society. Who are the gray-skinned people, and what is their role within the Society?
Character Development
Kit's Curiosity: Show, don't tell, Kit's curiosity about the outside world. Describe his longing looks at the horizon or his fascination with Rachel Beth's stories. Develop Lew and Scar: Give Lew and Scar more depth beyond their roles as enforcers. Perhaps they were once friends with Kit or they believe they are serving a greater purpose.


  • Conformity vs. Individuality
  • Tradition vs. Choice
  • Brutality vs. Compassion



Kit Brown is practicing Serenity Blade on the deck of the Covenant of the Scattered when he sees the Angel Sea approaching.


On his way to meet the Angel Sea, he's confronted by Lew and Scar, who demand an answer out of him about joining the The Broken Society. When he answer in the negative, Scar attacks. He sends her into the water, dead for all he knows.

Rising Action

Kit Brown talks with Rachel Beth for a bit before Archon Gállego shows up.


Kit then spends the rest of the day trying to figure out which section to work in before the decision is taken from him.

Falling Action

At the end of the day, Kit Brown is back on the deck, and Scar, now one of the Eaters, attacks and kills him.


12 Cerulean 2500 SE
Plot type
Chapter/Short Story
Parent Plot
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