18. Calibridge Citadel

Show, Don't Tell: Instead of stating Lyra feels isolated, show it through her interactions (or lack thereof) with the living characters. Does she try to get their attention and get frustrated? Does she observe them from a distance, longing to connect?   Deepen the Dream/Vision: Expand on the traumatic event from Lyra's past life. Describe the scene in more detail, but leave questions unanswered. Who is the Teige? Why was Lyra targeted? How does this event connect to Calibridge Citadel?


  • Memory and Identity
  • Trauma and Reliving the Past The Nature of Reality Isolation and Communication The Weight of the Past Acceptance and Moving On



Lyra finds herself in the body of Lyra Whitesmith. Confused, she wonders how she knows Ben Whitesmith and Sarah.

Rising Action

During a storm, they explore Calibridge Citadel and witness Ghosts stuck living out the Bloody Chapel Incident.


Lyra gets made that Ben Whitesmith didn't save her. But as far as he's concerned his sister is at his side and he didn't know the women who died.

Falling Action

Lyra is freed from the body and is in an apartment she doesn't recognize with a woman who can't see or hear her.


Lyra ends up back at Calibridge Citadel waiting for someone to see her and set her free. She sings Nightfall's Melody.
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