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Bloody Chapel Incident

The Conflict


There was strife among the Calibridge family, especially between the brothers, Teige and Thaddeus. It started when Thaddeus decided to become a Priest. Teige saw this as a betrayal to the family. The division among them only worsen when their father died.   With their father's death, Teige became more angry with his brother. To the point that Teige was very domineering and he expected his commands to be obeyed. When Thaddeus kept holding Eternal Harmony ceremonies at the same time, with or without Teige, he attacked during a ceremony.


This was a violent incident between Teige and Thaddeus, with Teige being the last man standing in the chapel. The immediate aftermath saw the chapel desecrated and stained with the blood of kin, casting a dark shadow over the Calibridge family's once-revered sanctuary.


In the wake of the Bloody Chapel Incident, deep rifts formed within the Calibridge family, tearing apart the bonds of brotherhood and trust. The scars left by the violence endured for generations, haunting the descendants with the specter of familial strife and betrayal. The once-glorious chapel, now tainted by the memory of fratricide, stood as a somber reminder of the family's fractured past.

Historical Significance


The Bloody Chapel Incident left an indelible mark on the history of the Calibridge family, forever altering the course of their lineage. The tragedy became a cautionary tale passed down through generations, warning of the dangers of unchecked anger and resentment.

In Literature

It has made into many books, historical and fiction, most notably into the fiction novel Leaping into Blood, A Lyra Whitesmith Mystery.
Type:                             Battlefield Type:
Tragedy, Horrific            Citadel
Start Date
11 Crimsonfall 1611 AR
Ending Date
11 Crimsonfall 1611 AR
Conflict Result
Thaddeus killed everyone in the chapel.

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