02. Princess Hunt

Slow down the beginning. Delve in Leah's motivations a bit more.   Show how Leah becoming leader of the Ogres is a good thing.


  • Betrayal and Revenge
  • Power and Deception
  • Survival and Adaptation
  • Gender Roles and Sexuality



Leah Grace finds herself a prisoner as she tries to remember how she got to where she's at.


She's betrayed by her captain, Luther Turner and is confronted with Ogres. She finds out that she is to be hunted by them.

Rising Action

Leah Grace is released for the hunt. As she tries to find her way through the woods, she questions her beliefs.


She is captured by Nerug, who rapes her and makes her his wife. He hides her so that she'll win.

Falling Action

Leah Grace comes out of hiding and gets to choose an Ogre tribe to lead.


Six years afterward, Leah Grace is pregnant with Nerug's 3rd child and is now Ogre King, having successfully lead a rebellion against Erok.
9 Cerulean 1602 AR
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Chapter/Short Story
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