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27. Train Forty-Two

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Show, Don't Tell Physical Reactions: Instead of telling us Nate is in pain, describe the way his muscles ache or how he grits his teeth during physical therapy. Sensory Details: Use descriptive language to bring the ghosts and visions to life. Describe their appearance, voices, and the emotions they convey. Internal Monologue: Let the reader understand Nate's thoughts and feelings beyond brief descriptions.
Emotional Impact:
Develop the Relationship: Give us a glimpse of Nate's relationship with his wife before the accident. This will make the loss feel more poignant. Raise the Stakes: Consider adding a ghost or vision that directly confronts Nate about his guilt or regret.
Pacing and Structure
Start with the Attempt: Open the story with Nate attempting suicide. This will grab the reader's attention from the beginning. Intersperse Backstory: Reveal details about the accident, Nate's past, and his relationship with Zedock through flashbacks triggered by the ghosts' appearances or his physical therapy sessions.


  • Grief
  • Survivor's Guilt
  • Regret



Nate Fleming is in the waiting room of the physical therapy office when a news report comes on about the train crash Nate was in six months ago, the very crash that caused him to need physical therapy.


Nate has a PTSD/Survivor's guilt attack, especially since he's the only one that survived.

Rising Action

Nate attends his physical therapy session and sees a ghost of one the deceased from Train Forty-Two.   When the session is over he sees another one, that follows him out of the building.


After Zedock Lygon drops Nate off, he sees yet another pair of Ghosts, ones who were survived by their young child.

Falling Action

Nate starts drinking. Shortly after that, he sees the Ghost of Clara Lenville who sings May's Embrace.


Nate drinks more, remembers his time with both Natalie Fleming and Amethyst Cannon, before he hangs himself.
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Chapter/Short Story
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