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14. The Tower

Foreshadow the Towers danger   Look at the pacing   Open ending?


  • Greed and Power
  • Loss of Humanity
  • The Cycle of Violence
  • Legacy of Evil
  • Family and Betrayal



Joshua Bertram gets chills looking at Duncan's Tower from his vantage point in Old Charlie Cook's cottage.

Rising Action

The two men talk about Joshua Bertram's father and about his twins. Old Charlie Cook starts the story.


Having been sucked into the story, Joshua Bertram expriences Duncan McFeyre's reality. He's taken through Duncan McFeyre's claiming of the tower, the cannibalism, the raids, the betrayal and finally his death and becoming a part of the tower.

Falling Action

Joshua Bertram comes out of the tale and wonders if he should go into the tower after his father. Also wonders if his father actually went into the tower.
16 Zephyria 1998 IE
Plot type
Chapter/Short Story
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