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24. Bridal Bridge

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Suspense and Pacing Hook the reader from the start: Instead of starting with details about the radio song, open with the car hydroplaning. This will grab the reader's attention and create suspense. Weave past and present together: Instead of a big flashback, reveal details about Sampson's death and Nichola's grief throughout the story through her thoughts and internal monologue as she drives. Raise the stakes: Consider adding an external threat to heighten the tension. Perhaps another car appears on the bridge, or there's a storm approaching.
Character Development
Deepen Nichola's character: Give the reader a better sense of who Nichola is as a person besides her relationship with Sampson. What are her hobbies? What is her relationship with her mother like? Explore Sampson's motives (if he's a ghost): If Sampson is a supernatural presence, why does he want Nichola to join him? Does he regret his infidelity?   And Sensory Details


  • Griefl
  • Betrayal
  • Supernatural




On route, she loses control of her vehicle as it hydroplanes. Nicola is terrified that she die before she has a chance to reach Hollow Coast Bridge.

Rising Action

As she safely brings the vehicle to a stop, she sees the pictures of her deceased husband, Sampson Bane, with other woman. She flashes back to the night she was informed of his death. She remembers the grief she felt and the confusion at a comment made by one of the Peace Enforcers.


Having neatened up the mess in her vehicle, Nicola finishes her trip to Hollow Coast Bridge and confronts Sampson Bane, who's a Ghost.

Falling Action

Sampson Bane doesn't deny anything he did life and lays claim to Nicola Bane. He pulls her into the Jindi River with him.
2 Frostember 2025 IE
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Chapter/Short Story
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