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06. The Other Life

Character Development Morgan's Inner Conflict: Delve deeper into Morgan's internal struggle. Show her frustration and yearning for a different life. Perhaps internal monologues or journal entries could reveal her thoughts and feelings. Mahala and Jharki:These characters are intriguing but remain somewhat mysterious. Fleshing out their motivations and personalities would add depth. Why is Mahala helping Morgan? What is Jharki's purpose?
Building Suspense
The Carriage's Arrival: The scene with the carriage and the skeletal hand could be more suspenseful. Describe the details of the carriage in a way that builds anticipation and a sense of unease. The Vision's Impact: The vision of slavery is impactful, but consider lingering on Morgan's emotional response after she returns to herself. Is she terrified, angry, or resolved to take action?
The Ending
Clarity and Emotional Impact: The ending is ambiguous. Consider clarifying whether Morgan succumbs to the Zephyr Striker's venom or if it serves as a painful initiation to her adventure. Ending with Morgan's defiant spirit or a glimpse of her future adventure could leave a stronger emotional impact.


  • Gender Inequality
  • The Desire for Adventure and Freedom
  • The Cost of Freedom
  • Slavery and Injustice
  • Supernatural Elements and Fate
  • The Cycle of Violence



Morgan Stagg is watching her brother, Marcellus Stagg dance with his new bride. She feels discontent that she isn't able to find the same happiness. None of the gentlemen paraded in front of her by her parents are catching her attention.


Morgan Stagg wants adventure and travel but she can't do either because she's woman in a culture that doesn't allow the female gender such freedoms.

Rising Action

Morgan Stagg steps outside to ge a breath of fresh air when a new carriage, the Spectral Phaeton catches her attention. Mesmorized by the hand that is beckoning her closer, she goes to it.


Morgan Stagg meets Mahala, who uses the Astraldrum to control and Ghost. It inhabits Morgan Stagg, sharing memories of its life as a slave.


Mahala uses the Zephyr Striker to put Morgan Stagg to sleep and chains her with Silent Celestial Chains. Mahala intends to sell Morgan Stagg into slavery.
8 Solaris 1830 AR
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