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Silent Celestial Chains

Glistening with starlight and masterfully crafted, these iron manacles are known for their silence. Legends tell of a prison where even the clinking of chains couldn't disturb the eternal quiet.

Raw materials & Components

The crafting of Silent Celestial Chains involved a blend of earthly iron and celestial stardust. The iron provided the chains with the necessary durability, while the stardust, harvested during rare cosmic alignments, imparted a unique quality. This celestial essence not only added to the chains' aesthetic brilliance but also carried a calming influence.   The links were intricately forged by skilled celestial blacksmiths who worked under the guidance of celestial sages. The final touch involved a ritual where the chains were exposed to the light of a falling star, infusing them with the celestial energy that silenced their sound.


Crafted centuries ago by a mysterious order of celestial artisans, the Silent Celestial Chains were intended for a unique purpose. Legends speak of an otherworldly prison built in the heart of a celestial realm. This ethereal penitentiary held beings of great power, and the designers sought a way to contain them without disrupting the divine tranquility of the realm.   The order believed in rehabilitation rather than punishment, and the Silent Celestial Chains were a testament to their philosophy. When these chains were clasped around the wrists of the inmates, a hushed peace would descend upon the prison. The goal was to allow contemplation and self-reflection without the usual clamor of traditional chains.   The success of the prison and the effectiveness of the Silent Celestial Chains became the stuff of legend. The celestial beings, once bound, found a serene introspection that led to their redemption. Eventually, the prison was no longer needed, and the Silent Celestial Chains were dispersed.   During Mahala's quest against the wealthy of the Kingdom of Amigia¬†she heard of these legendary chains. With the help of Ghosts, she was able to retrieve these chains in the moments before they were dispersed so that the fabric of reality and time wouldn't be ripped apart.
by Lady Wynter
Item type
Unique Artifact
Creation Date
At the dawn of time.
Current Location
Current Holder
he Silent Celestial Chains are surprisingly lightweight, considering their sturdy appearance. Each shackle weighs approximately 0.5 kilograms, allowing for ease of use and transport.
The chains are designed with precision, ensuring a balance between strength and flexibility. Each link is about 10 centimeters in length, creating a chain that is both resilient and accommodating.

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