Spectral Phaeton


The Spectral Phaeton is a hauntingly beautiful carriage with an otherworldly design. It seems to be made of a shimmering, semi-transparent material that captures and reflects the ambient light. The carriage is ornately adorned with intricate carvings of ghostly figures, and its wheels appear to float just above the ground.


The frame of the carriage is composed of an enchanted material that gives it a ghostly appearance. It is not bound by the normal laws of physics, allowing it to move smoothly and silently through the air. The wheels are crafted from a substance that mimics the look of silver mist.


Instead of a living coachman, the Spectral Phaeton is guided by ghostly entities.

Passenger Compartment:

The interior of the carriage is as luxurious as it is eerie. The seats are plush and seem to be made of mist, providing an otherworldly comfort. The windows are made of enchanted crystal that displays scenes from the past, and the atmosphere inside is always cool and misty.

Special Features:

Invisibility: The Spectral Phaeton can become invisible to the living, making it an ideal mode of transportation for Jhakari who prefer to remain unseen.   Soundless Travel: The Phaeton moves without making a sound, creating an eerie and ghostly presence as it glides through the air.


The Spectral Phaeton is used as a silent and sometimes invisible way to get around so that Mahala can remain hidden from those who are looking for her. This invisibility also allows her to spy on her targets first.
Creation Date
Cerulean 1827 AR
Decommission Date
Cerulean 1910 IE
Current location
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Cover image: by Lady Wynter


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