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16. Sky High

Building Tension and Stakes Earlier Hint of Rebekah's Fear: Before the disaster, briefly mention Rebekah's fear of heights or her dislike of the high floor. This foreshadows her later struggle when she has to fly. Raise the Stakes for the Woman Being Attacked: Is the woman someone Rebekah knows? A neighbor, fellow worker, or someone she recognizes? This increases Rebekah's emotional investment in the rescue. Introduce the Gloombringers Gradually: Perhaps Rebekah encounters weaker Gloombringers before facing a larger group. This allows her to learn her powers and the threat they face.
Developing the Relationship Between Rebekah and Benedict
Show Their Bond: Show a scene of their everyday life together to establish their relationship before the disaster. ??? Deepen the Conflict: Instead of simple disbelief, could Benedict be worried about the dangers Rebekah will face?
Balancing Exposition with Action
Weave the Backstory In: Instead of a large information dump about Amos, let Rebekah discover details about him as she researches him online. Show, Don't Tell: Instead of directly stating the men smell like Gloombringers, describe the unpleasant odor and Rebekah's reaction to it.
Consider the Emotional Arc: Will Rebekah embrace her new role? Will she find a way to balance her responsibilities? The ending should reflect her emotional journey.


  • Fear vs. Duty
  • Responsibility vs. Family
  • Faith vs. Reason
  • Destiny vs. Choice
  • Trauma vs. Transformation



Rebekah King is working at Firefly Accounting Inc. on the 60th floor of Celestial Song. Her acrophobia makes her appear shy and reserved to her coworkers.


Explosives turns Celestial Song into a pile of rubble. Thousands are killed.

Rising Action

Rebekah King wakes to find herself in Cosmic Tapestry (aka Heaven) where she meets Infinite Grace and Amos Stokes. She's tasked to hunt down and kill Gloombringers since Amos Stokes can no longer do the job.


Rebekah King is returned to Caelum Prime and the land of the living in the aftermath of The Nightfall Massacre.   After being checked out, she goes home to her family.

Falling Action

After putting her children to bed, she and her husband Benedict King talk about what she went through, especially her encounter with Infinite Grace.


Rebekah King hears the call to hunt Gloombringers. She goes, confronting her fears, as she does what she was tasked to do.
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