04. Mysterious Song

Character Development Victor: We see a glimpse of Victor's inner turmoil through his flashbacks, but we could delve deeper. What are his justifications for his actions? Does he truly believe he's not doing anything wrong? Exploring his internal conflict could make his suicide attempt more impactful. Clara: The story hints at a dark past for Clara. Fleshing out her backstory and motivations would add depth to her character. Is she using the song for revenge, or is there a more complex reason?
Mystery and Intrigue
The Song's Power: The song's magical effect is currently implied. Consider hinting at its origin or how it works. Is it a folk song with a hidden power, or something Clara created herself? The Empty House: The detail about the empty house Clara is going to is intriguing. Is it connected to her past? Adding a layer of mystery to this aspect could draw the reader in further.
Emotional Impact: The ending is shocking, but it could be even more impactful. Consider lingering on Victor's final moments or showing Clara's reaction in more detail. A Touch of Hope?: The story is dark throughout. Perhaps a small glimmer of hope for Clara's future could be added at the end.


  • Deception and manipulation
  • Social injustice and class warfare
  • Guilt and Regret
  • Loss and Trauma



Marquess Victor Styles is on his way to see to one of his mistress. Timing has him stopping at The Wild Duck Tavern and Inn for the night before finishing his journey.


Clara Lenville knows his indistrections by his smell, even though he doesn't know it.

Rising Action

As Victor Styles is ordering, Clara Lenville touches his hand and she sees his life and where he's headed.


Clara Lenville sings Lover's Embrace as she serves Victor Styles his dinner.

Falling Action

Victor Styles finishes his dinner and rents a room for the night.


At dawn, as Clara Lenville is going home at the end of her shift, Victor Styles commits suicide.
14 Zephyria 1723 AR
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