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28. Serial Illumination

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Expand on Jaclyn's motives and who/what she is.   Perhaps change POV.


  • Dual Idendity
  • Control
  • Hatred for women



Maxie Craft wakes her parents up early because she's excited about it being the first day of Illumination.


Hints of Maxie's attitude toward women show when her mother asks her to help with breakfast. Before Maxie goes to help, a reflection in the mirror reveals that not everything is right with Maxie.

Rising Action

Three days later, Maxie is inside drawing instead of being outside celebrating the Twelve Days of Illumination. She's watching the news with her parents in which a report about the Illumination Killer striking again. Her mother urges Maxie to go outside.   More of Maxie's thoughts on women are revealed.


At bedtime, her mother tries one more time to push Maxie to spend more time outside. An argument ensues.

Falling Action

After her mother leaves, Maxie is still angry. This anger is strong enough to not only let Jaclyn Cream out but for her to take full control of Maxie.


Jaclyn leaves a message on Maxie's mirror before leaving through a window.
25 Solistice 2126 IE to 5 Aurora 2126 IE
Plot type
Chapter/Short Story
Parent Plot
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