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03. Eyes Behind

Provide more background on Chastity’s family, particularly her father. Why is he absent? This can create a stronger emotional pull.   Add more scenes or flashbacks that show Chastity’s relationship with her father and mother. This will heighten the emotional stakes.   Describe the woods in more detail, using sensory language to create a more vivid and eerie atmosphere. The sights, sounds, and even smells can add to the tension.   Introduce local lore or myths about the woods that foreshadow the danger and magic within them.   Show Chastity’s internal struggle more vividly. Her fear, curiosity, and bravery can be emphasized to create a more dynamic character arc.   Develop Adella’s character further. Is there a hint of a past life or a remnant of humanity that makes her actions more complex?


  • Curiosity and Consequences
  • Parental Love and Separation
  • Innocence and Vulnerability
  • The Supernatural and Enchantment
  • Isolation and Danger
  • The Loss of Identity
  • Regret and Responsibility
  • Obedience and Rebellion



Chastity Patchings is excited to be going on her first trip to Orilon. She believes she's going to get to see her father again.


Scarlett Forge realises that Adella is out in the woods again.   Adella lures Chastity Patchings into the woods.

Rising Action

Chastity Patchings finds Adella dancing in the moonlight and questions her about what she is. Adella offers to help her find the caravan so she can rejoin her mother.


Adella plays games with Chastity Patchings before turning her into a doll.


16 Luminalis 1700 AR
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Chapter/Short Story
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