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23. A Hallows' House

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  • Domestic Violence
  • Trauma
  • Hope



Charity Oaksfield is outside clearing snow. Cold, she goes inside the shed to warm up, only to find that her boyfriend, Cyrus James has made a shrine to her.


Cyrus James excited to for Charity to see it doesn't take her reaction very well. Charity Oaksfield breaks free of him and runs.

Rising Action

Cyrus James gives chase. As Charity is weaving through trying to get him away from the children out, she heads for the empty lot behind The Unfinished Symphony. She finds the Hallows' House, which admits her but not Cyrus.


Charity Oaksfield must confront her past: The abuse she went through, the murder of her children, her husband's suicide.

Falling Action

Charity Oaksfield finally decides she is done being abused. Once the decision is made, she finds herself free of the Hallows' House and she calls The Haven Helpline & Center.
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Chapter/Short Story
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