01. Plagued

Left open ended for a reason.   Adjust Pacing so that the climax doesn't feel so rushed.


  • Survival
  • Trust
  • Corruption of Goodness



Theodora Prescott is with her husband Eli Prescot with a group of survivors fleeing Wellspring because the plague has struck again and Eaters have forced them out.


On their way to sanctuary Falcon's Nest, they find a babe surrounded by Eaters. After rescuing the babe, they make it to Falcon's Nest, only to find it's not quite what they expected.

Rising Action

They are let inside Falcon's Nest but Theodora Prescott is cocooned in a status bubble. She's taken into a medical bay, where she's studied by Razul, who then activates the Chaos Affliction inside of her and impregnates her.


Theodora Prescott, now an Eaters rampages through Falcon's Nest, killing nearly everyone, including Eli Prescot.

Falling Action

While Theodora Prescott doesn't kill everyone from The Blue Curtain, she does lasting damage to them.


Then Razul releases her into the world, where she can do even more damage.
17 Halcyon 1000 AE
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Chapter/Short Story
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