09. A Dark Smile

Develop the characters Amos: We see a glimpse of his idealistic view of the circus shattered. Show more of his internal struggle. Baroness Ashley: She's a charismatic leader but ruthless. Give readers a reason for her devotion to the Gloombringers. Dig'drin: He showed some compassion for Amos. Why? Was he conflicted about the Gloombringers?
Improve the pacing:
The fight scenes: While the fight scenes are necessary, they take up a large portion of the story in the middle. Consider shortening them or interspersed with flashbacks of Amos's time with the circus.
Raise the stakes
Amos's powers: We see a glimpse of his power but how strong is he? Is he strong enough to take on all the Gloombringers himself?
The new recruits: The story hints at Amos taking them somewhere safe. Will he train them? Will they become his companions in the fight against the Gloombringers?


  • Deception
  • Free Will vs Destiny
  • Good vs Evil
  • Power and Corruption
  • Hope



Amos Stokes and Ashley are introduced as The Fantasia Cirque Euphoria settles down for the night.


Dig'drin is introduced when he talks with Ashley about the new clowns and about Amos Stokes.

Rising Action

Ashley and Dig'drin invite a Gloombringers into a new recruit.   Amos Stokes learns that Gloombringers control the Clowns. He is tasked by Infinite Grace to hunt down and kill Gloombringers. He's given the power to do so by Aurelia.


Amos Stokes kills most of the Clowns working for The Fantasia Cirque Euphoria before freeing the Humans and leaving with them.
11 Cerulean 1925 IE
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Chapter/Short Story
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