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15. The Hand that Feeds

pacing   relationship with his parents


  • Burden of Duty
  • Sacrifice
  • Cycle of Violence
  • Questioning Reality
  • Nature vs. Nurture
  • Authority and Exploitation



Bramwell Kettell goes to his safe place waiting for the next round of he believes is him saving the world from evil.

Rising Action

Hearing the chime in the key of C, Bramwell Kettell goes into the fantasy land Hannibal Denholm programmed him to go to. Bramwell Kettell sees and hears the "werewolves" and believes he becomes one.


When he hears the dinner bell, he attacks. He kills the "werewolves" and eats them.

Falling Action

He's brought out of this by the dinner bell and the chime, where he sees that he has killed and eaten other Humans.


Hannibal Denholm admits he hopes that Bramwell Kettell left some good meat for him to take home.
29 Luminalis 2000 IE
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Chapter/Short Story
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