Main Plot: Josiah

Plot points/Scenes

Act One: Josiah Ward is at Guardian Solace looking for answers to his recurring vision. As the third son of the Earl of Hawkport, he is mostly left alone to pursue his interests. He has met Grisolda, the cook of Guardian Solace, who mother's him despite the class difference. She encourages him not to give up hope. Josiah Ward finds the manuscript from his vision and takes the Oath to become humanity's Guardian.   Act Two: Josiah Ward begins to read out of The Doomsday Codex. The stories terrify him and make him wonder if he's doing the right thing by reading these stories. While he steps away long enough for some food and some rest when his body demands it, his honor won't let him break the Oath he took, so he returns to reading The Doomsday Codex. With each story, it becomes a part of him and the world outside takes on a new and terrifying reality.   Act Three: Josiah Ward finishes reading The Doomsday Codex and his recurring vision comes true. The apocalypse has truly started. Josiah Ward must fully step into his role as Guardian to save what's left of the Human race. With the help of Junius Salmon, the bulter of Guardian Solace, Josiah Ward arms himself and braves the dust rain to fight Eaters, bring who he can back to Guardian Solace.


Theme is darkness and how there is always hope. This will be shown through the darkness in the stories, whether it's literal darkness or emotional darkness. By the end, light will be shown, one way or another.



The first of Josiah Ward's stories will introduce the world and the current state of affairs (how all the countries are now closed off from one another). It will show what Josiah Ward is looking for and show him taking the Oath.


Josiah Ward will be conflicted about whether or not he should keep reading the stories. And as each story becomes a part of him, the world outside worsens.

Rising Action

Caelum Prime is on the verge to falling to the Eaters and to the Gloombringers.


The dust rain falls and Josiah Ward must take up arms.


Josiah Ward goes out to save who he can and fight the Eaters.



Josiah Ward wants to find the manuscript from his vision. As he become Guardian and the apocalypse starts he wants to save as many as he can.


Josiah Ward is about to give up but Grisolda gives him the push he needs to keep looking for the answers he's been pursuing. Her faith in him as well as the support of Junius Salmon helps him keep going and become a good Guardian.


If Josiah Ward doesn't take the Oath, he dies before he can even read the stories out of the manuscript. If he stops reading or falls in combat, then the Eaters will overrun the Human race, bringing victory for the Gloombringers.



All over Caelum Prime. One story takes place on Nisa, while another story takes the reader through the Night Lands Portal and into The Night Lands.   Josiah Ward's story will take place in and around Guardian Solace

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