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26. Shipwrecked

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Suspense and Pacing
Start with the Shimmer: Open the story with Harland encountering the shimmering curtain on the beach. This will pique the reader's curiosity from the beginning. Intersperse Backstory: Reveal details about Harland's past and the political climate throughout the story in bits and pieces through his internal monologue or flashbacks. Raise the Stakes: Consider adding a personal connection to the mystery. Perhaps Harland recognizes a name in the logbook or something about the Shadow Horizon chills him to the bone.
Character Development
Show Harland's Emotions: Don't just tell us Harland is surprised or scared. Describe his physical reactions, internal monologue, and how he grapples with the unbelievable situation. Develop Captain Emerson: Give Captain Emerson a more distinct personality beyond his sense of duty. Is he stoic? Haunted?
Sensory Details
Vivid Descriptions: Instead of just saying the air is fetid or the night is quiet, use vivid descriptions to create a more immersive experience for the reader. Describe the smells, sounds, and textures of the environment.


  • Mystery
  • Supernatural
  • Duty



Harland Goodall leaves The Kraken's Bounty in Night Market district of Whispering Port, having played a few games of chance with former mates of the Dukesguard.


He heads for the beach, looking to clear his head and think on what his former mates had told him. Unknowninly, he steps through the barrier between Caelum Prime and Harmony Veil without stepping fully into Harmony Veil.

Rising Action

Harland Goodall finds the shipwreck of The Kistna, still in decent enough condition that he believes he could sell it for money. Upon further inspection, he finds the Captain's log. He starts to think that his mates are setting him up.


The skeletons on the ship begin to rise, and the Ghosts appear as the ship puts itself back together and sets to sea again.

Falling Action

Harland Goodall becomes a member of the crew.
8 Solaris 2030 IE
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Chapter/Short Story
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