The Astraldrum is a mystical instrument used by Jhakari, practitioners of the arcane arts specializing in communing with spirits and manipulating ethereal energies. This unique drum serves several purposes:
  • Spirit Communication: The drum allows the Jhakari to communicate with spirits and entities from other realms. The rhythmic beats create a resonance that bridges the gap between the physical and ethereal planes, making it easier for spirits to manifest.
  • Possession Rituals: In certain rituals, the Jhakari can use the Astraldrum to facilitate controlled possession. By invoking the power of the drum and channeling the energy into a willing or pre-determined recipient, the Jhakari can allow a spirit to temporarily inhabit a living being and share its memories or experiences.
Overall, the Astraldrum is a versatile and powerful tool in the arsenal of a Jhakari, allowing them to navigate the realms between the living and the spirit world.

Raw materials & Components

Drum Frame: Crafted from enchanted wood known as Shadowbark, harvested from the Whispering Woods. The wood has unique properties that resonate with spiritual energies.   Drum Heads: Crafted from the essence-infused hides of ethereal beasts found in the Shadowrealm. These creatures possess a unique quality that allows their spectral hides to produce a resonant and haunting sound when stretched across the drum frame. The process of harvesting and preparing these hides involves skilled Jhakari working in collaboration with spirit guides to ensure a harmonious and ethical extraction of materials from the creatures of the ethereal plane. The resulting drum heads maintain a connection to the spiritual energies of the Shadowrealm, enabling the Jhakari to command and channel spirits during their rituals.   Spirit Stones: Embedded in the frame, these small, luminescent stones are attuned to the ethereal plane. They enhance the drum's ability to channel and amplify spiritual energies.   Runes of Command: Inscribed on the surface of the drum in arcane script. These runes enable the Jhakari to issue commands to spirits and facilitate the transfer of memories.   Binding Seals: Special sigils that prevent unintended possession or chaotic energy surges. They maintain a level of control over the ghostly entities invoked during the ritual.   Glowing Resonance Ink: Decorative patterns on the drum that glow softly when the Jhakari invokes its power. This ink is made from enchanted minerals found in regions with strong spiritual auras.
by Lady Wynter
Item type
Musical Instrument
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~ 2lbs.
14 inches in diameter, 6 inches in height.

Cover image: by Lady Wynter


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