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Angel Sea

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What is the Angel Sea?

The Angel Sea is a deep sea fishing trawler for the Commonwealth of Edria. It brings back most of the fish and whale it harvests, but trades the rest with the Covenant of the Scattered, especially when they've been at sea for a while.

Crew Breakdown & Responsibilities

Captain & First Mate:
Responsible for navigation,
safety, and overall operation.
  Deck Officers: Oversee fishing operations, gear deployment and retrieval, and crew safety on deck.   Engineers: Maintain and operate the ship's engines, electrical systems, and auxiliary equipment.  
Deck Crew:
Operate winches, handle fishing gear,
sort and process catch.
  Cooks & Galley Staff: Prepare meals for the crew.
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Owning Organization
Current location
Complement / Crew
15 Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
1,000 metric tons, typically in large refrigerated holds.
Passengers limited to scientists on rare occasions.

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