Voice Calls: Users can initiate voice calls to other Lumicomm users by simply speaking into the device.
  Messaging: The Lumicomm allows users to send text messages and multimedia messages to individuals or groups.
  Holographic Projection: In advanced models, the Lumicomm can project holographic images or video calls, allowing for more immersive communication experiences.
  Encryption: To ensure privacy and security, the Lumicomm employs powerful encryption algorithms to protect sensitive communications from interception or hacking.
  Locator Function: Some models may include a locator function, allowing users to track the location of other Lumicomm devices or individuals within a certain range.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Lumicomm harnesses enchanted crystals to establish magical connections between devices. These crystals are imbued with intricate spells and enchantments crafted by master enchanters. The device's inner workings involve the manipulation of magical energies to transmit and receive messages in a variety of ways. Because of the way it's made data is automatically encrypted. Newer models have a locator function.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process begins with the selection and preparation of enchanted crystals, followed by the intricate carving of magical inscriptions and the assembly of components. Skilled artisans and enchanters work meticulously to imbue each Lumicomm with magical properties, ensuring its reliability and functionality. Once assembled, the Lumicomms undergo rigorous testing and calibration before being distributed to markets.


The origins of this device trace back to the Luminar Guild, a prestigious group of skilled artisans and enchanters dedicated to advancing magickal technology. Led by Elara Starlight, a visionary enchanter renowned for her innovative designs, the guild sought to harness the power of enchanted crystals to revolutionize communication.   When the first Lumicomms were introduced to the realm, they marked a significant milestone in magickal innovation. Initially, these early Lumicomms were rudimentary in design and functionality, limited to short-range communication and prone to interference. Over the following decades, breakthroughs in crystal enchantment, magickal inscription techniques, and arcane signal amplification led to the development of more reliable and efficient Lumicomms.   In the three centuries since its inception, the Lumicomm has become ubiquitous throughout the realm, transcending social boundaries and facilitating communication across vast distances. Its impact on society was profound, fostering interconnectedness, facilitating trade and diplomacy, and strengthening bonds between distant communities.   Throughout its illustrious history, the Lumicomm has played a pivotal role in shaping the Caelum Prime's development, enabling rapid exchange of information, enhancing collaboration, and empowering individuals with the ability to communicate effortlessly across great distances.


The Lumicomm revolutionized communication in the realm, allowing instant communication over long distances through magickal channels. Its significance extends beyond convenience, as it facilitated rapid exchange of information, improved coordination, and strengthened connections between individuals and communities.
Item type
Creation Date
30 Halcyon 1625 AR
Current Location
Current Holder
Used by
3 ounces
5 inches in length, 2.5 inches in width, and 0.3 inches in thickness, circular
Base Price
2 gold pieces
Raw materials & Components
The Lumicomm is constructed using a combination of enchanted crystals, lightweight metals, and fine magical inscriptions. Its components include a crystal communicator core, enchanted circuitry, a sound projection module, and an activation rune.
Crafting Lumicomms requires specialized tools used by skilled artisans and enchanters. These tools include crystal cutters, magical inscription pens, enchanting cauldrons, and precision crafting instruments.

Cover image: by Lady Wynter


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