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Arcane Matrix


This is based off the Lumicomm so the two pieces have much in common. Still, there are certain things the Arcane Matrix can do that its predecessor can't do. Both items are important to the Human race.   Elara Starlight made this so that people could write, play, and work better and faster.


  • Increased speed of getting work done
  • Allows for more entertainment, e.g. games, movies, and such.
Item type
Electronic / Cybernetic
Creation Date
30 Halcyon 1725 AR
Current Location
Subtype / Model
They are now a househould item for the most part. Since there is a poor class, there are some people who can't afford them.
Dependent on the model
Dependent on the model
Base Price
Dependent on the model

Cover image: by Lady Wynter


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