Divine Gardens


Unity Blossoms: Representing the concept of Universal Oneness, these blossoms might showcase a blend of colors and petals, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all living things.   Harmony Olive Grove: Planted in alignment with the tenet of Compassionate Living, the olive trees here are a testament to peace, harmony, and the compassionate coexistence of all beings.   Enlightenment Roses: A garden of roses representing Spiritual Exploration. Each color and variety signifies a different facet of spiritual understanding, encouraging seekers to explore the depths of their own spirituality.   Healer's Herb Sanctuary: Aligned with the tenet of Service to Others, this garden is dedicated to medicinal and aromatic herbs, reflecting the healing nature of service and the importance of tending to the well-being of others.   Diversity Lotus Pond: Symbolizing Acceptance of Diversity, this pond is home to various species of lotus flowers, each unique in its form and color, celebrating the beauty of diversity within the context of eternal spirituality.   Eternal Cypress Alley: Tall cypress trees line the pathways, symbolizing eternity and the interconnectedness of past, present, and future in the pursuit of spiritual enlightenment.   Aurelia's Blooms Nook: A dedicated space filled with flowers associated with the Aurelia, emphasizing the nurturing and compassionate aspects of spirituality.   Serenity Aromatics Garden: A collection of fragrant plants symbolizing peace and serenity, encouraging mindful contemplation in the pursuit of compassionate living.   Sacred Symbolic Topiaries: Sculpted bushes take the form of religious symbols, fostering an atmosphere of universal oneness through recognizable icons of the faith.   Benevolent Fig Grove: An area featuring fig trees, which hold historical and spiritual significance, encouraging visitors to explore the interconnectedness of all life.
Founding Date
300 AE
Parent Location
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