Mostly Aurelians, with a sprinkling of Al-MuradiSolanis, and Solomarans.


This is the captial of the Commonwealth of Edria so the King of Edria and/or Queen of Edria directly control the city.


There is a wall around the city. The level of defenses on the wall has depended on what manpower is available, what level of technology there is, and what has been needed.

Industry & Trade

Artisan shops: provide high quality items such as clothing, shoes, and rugs.   Fabrics, spices, and exotic wares: Imports and exports (until borders closed) helped keep the city running. After the borders closed there were no more exotic wares and fabrics and spices were limited to what can be manufactured in the city and in the Commonwealth of Edria.   Factories/workshops: Produce and make necessary items for workers, buildings and the like.   Fishermen:  Bring in fish and other sea life for consumption and trade.   Traders: Bring in goods made in other cities. Before the borders closed they'd bring in imports from other countries/kingdoms.   Antique shops: Sells old items that are valueable and collectable.   Restaurants: Widerange of foods offered, especially before the border closed. The ones near the docks offer the freshest selection of seafood.   Taverns/Inns: Usually a great place to grab a beer or an old-fashioned mead, along with some old-fashioned stew and brown bread. Great places to hang out with friends, to find games of chance or a place to sleep if you're a visitor.


Roads, docks, castle, houses, warehouses, businesses, factories/workshops, parks, sewers


Castle: The Castle of Marnocete stands as the symbolic heart of the capital. With towering spires and ancient stone walls, the Castle houses the royal chambers, the throne room, and administrative offices. Its architecture is a blend of historical styles, reflecting the various periods of Edria's rich history.   North Gate: The North Gate is a bustling entrance point to Marnocete, connecting the city to the northern regions of Edria. It's flanked by sturdy watchtowers and is known for its intricate ironwork and reliefs depicting scenes from Edria's past. Merchants, travelers, and dignitaries pass through this gate daily.   Ghost Valley: Ghost Valley, despite its eerie name, is a vibrant district filled with historical charm. Narrow cobblestone streets wind through rows houses and artisan shops. The name is said to derive from an ancient legend, but locals celebrate the area's rich history during annual festivals.   Silk Hall: Silk Hall is Marnocete's commercial hub, where merchants from across Edria gather to trade goods. The marketplace is covered by a grand hall with a high-vaulted ceiling supported by marble columns. Vibrant fabrics, spices, and exotic wares line the stalls, creating a sensory feast for visitors.   Egcliff: Egcliff, situated on a gentle slope overlooking the city, is a residential area known for its elegant estates and well-tended gardens. The district is home to Edria's aristocracy and elite. Egcliff's architecture reflects the opulence of Edria's history, with sprawling mansions and gated estates.   The Docks: The Docks of Marnocete are a hive of activity, where ships from across the seas dock to unload cargo. Fishermen, sailors, and traders contribute to the city's cosmopolitan atmosphere. Seafood restaurants and lively taverns line the waterfront, creating a vibrant atmosphere day and night.   Haunted Street: Haunted Street, named for its mysterious ambiance, is an enchanting alleyway filled with antique shops, curio stalls, and fortune tellers. Gas lamps cast a warm glow on cobblestone streets as visitors explore the area's mystical charm. Legends of ghostly encounters only add to its allure.   Windspring: Windspring is a serene park on the outskirt Marnocete, featuring a network of winding paths, fountains, and lush greenery. The park is a popular retreat for city dwellers seeking a peaceful escape. A central spring, said to have mystical properties, adds to the park's tranquil ambiance. It is surrounded by cute shops.   Each of these locations contributes to the unique character of Marnocete, blending history, commerce, and enchantment to create a capital city that stands as a testament to Edria's cultural richness.


Established as the main castle for the King of Edria and Queen of Edria. The city and docks grew around it until it was a bustling town and the capital of the Commonwealth of Edria. It has seen its share of ups and downs, including some bombings.

Points of interest

The Monarch's Castle   Silk Hall for the variety it offers.   Haunted Street due to the "ghostly encounters."   Ghost Valley for the annual festivals and the Ancient Legend of Ghost Valley aka The Veiled Tapestry.


Eclecctic mix of ancient cobblestones, stone, and the more modern building materials.
Founding Date
9 Aurora 9 AE
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