Mix of all the ethnicities


Operates under a municipal government that is intricately tied to the broader governance structure of the kingdom:
  • City Council: Olidusirile has a city council responsible for local governance. The council comprises elected representatives who address matters specifically related to the city, including urban planning, infrastructure, and local services.
  • Mayoral Leadership: A mayor, elected by the residents of Olidusirile, serves as the city's chief executive. The mayor works closely with the city council to implement policies, manage city resources, and address the unique needs of Olidusirile's diverse population.
  • Integration with Kingdom Governance: While Olidusirile has its local government, it is not entirely autonomous. The city's governance is integrated into the broader administrative framework of the Kingdom of Lacri. Significant decisions, especially those with kingdom-wide implications, are often coordinated with the central authorities.
  • Administrative Departments: Various administrative departments oversee specific aspects of city management, such as public safety, education, healthcare, and cultural affairs. These departments collaborate with their counterparts at the kingdom level to ensure alignment with broader policies.
  • Judicial System: Olidusirile has its own local judiciary to handle legal matters within the city. However, the city's legal framework is harmonized with the kingdom's legal system, ensuring consistency and adherence to overarching laws.
  • Urban Planning and Development: A dedicated urban planning authority is responsible for the development and maintenance of the city's infrastructure. This includes managing transportation systems, city parks, housing projects, and other aspects of urban life.
  • Citizen Engagement: Olidusirile encourages citizen engagement through various means, including public forums, community boards, and participatory decision-making processes. The city values the input of its residents in shaping local policies.
  • Cultural Preservation: Given Olidusirile's status as the capital and a cultural hub, the city government places a significant emphasis on the preservation and promotion of cultural heritage. Initiatives supporting the arts, historical preservation, and cultural events contribute to the city's vibrant identity.
In essence, Olidusirile's government operates as a microcosm within the broader governance structure of the Kingdom of Lacri, ensuring a balance between local autonomy and alignment with the kingdom's overarching policies and goals.


There is a wall around the city. The level of defenses on the wall has depended on what manpower is available, what level of technology there is, and what has been needed.


Roads, docks, castle, houses, warehouses, businesses, factories/workshops, parks, sewers


Ivy Wall: Ivy Wall is a residential district known for its picturesque streets adorned with climbing vines. The houses here often have ivy-covered walls, creating a green canopy. It's a serene area, popular among artists and those who appreciate a quieter urban environment.   Green Shade: Green Shade is Olidusirile's primary park district. It houses large, lush parks, botanical gardens, and recreational spaces. The district is a haven for nature lovers, offering a refreshing escape from the bustling city life.   Dairy Gate: Dairy Gate is Olidusirile's culinary hub, hosting numerous dairy farms and artisanal cheese shops. The aroma of freshly baked goods and the sound of bartering at open-air markets make this district a favorite among food enthusiasts.   Wheathorn: Wheathorn is Olidusirile's breadbasket, featuring expansive wheat fields and flour mills. The district is essential for the city's food supply and is known for its vibrant farmer's markets.   The Market: The Market is the bustling commercial heart of Olidusirile. It's a vibrant district filled with shops, stalls, and traders from various parts of the kingdom. The Market is not only a place for commerce but also a cultural melting pot.   Islas's Road: Islas's Road is named after a historic figure and serves as a cultural district. It houses theaters, art galleries, and performance spaces. The road is often the venue for parades, festivals, and processions.   North Road: North Road is a mixed-use district known for its diverse architecture and busy streets. It's a crossroads for commerce and transportation, connecting Olidusirile to other parts of the kingdom.   Golden Pass: Golden Pass is a district renowned for its wealth and opulence. Mansions with golden domes and intricate architecture line the streets. It's home to aristocrats, influential figures, and luxurious establishments.   The Barrows: The Barrows is Olidusirile's historical district, featuring ancient burial mounds and archaeological sites. It's a place where the city's rich history is palpable, with museums and guided tours offering insights into its past.   Each district contributes to Olidusirile's unique character, creating a cityscape that balances commerce, culture, nature, and history.
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11 Aurora 11 AE
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