The Steele Dreame

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Purpose / Function

This is a dance club that serves alcohol as well. Oliva Steele wanted to provide the community with a clean and safe place to party.


Built 26 years ago, Oliva Steele opened the doors 25 years ago. She's never let in anyone who wasn't allowed to drink nor has there ever been a complaint about the bar. This establishment and Oliva Steele have made a name for themselves, enough of one that many will risk entering the Stormlight Road District of Civinia.   There has never been any issue with people trying to force themselves on each other. The bouncers (all the long-timers know Albion Marrable) have only had to fight a few times and the authorities have never had a reason to intervene.
Founding Date
25 Cerulean 1996 IE to 30 Solistice 1996 IE
Alternative Names
The Dreame
Dance club
Parent Location
Additional Rulers/Owners
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