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Old Town: Old Town exudes a timeless charm with cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and bustling marketplaces. Historic taverns and inns line the streets, frequented by both locals and visitors. Old Town serves as a living museum, preserving the town's rich heritage.   Honey Crest: Honey Crest is a district renowned for its artisanal shops and quaint boutiques. The sweet aroma of honeyed pastries and delicate confections wafts through the air. The district is a hub of creativity, hosting local artists and craftsmen, making it a popular destination for those seeking unique, handcrafted treasures.   Black Cross: Black Cross, named after the emblem of a historical order, is a district characterized by its solemn atmosphere. It houses the town's main religious institutions, including Aquentiari's grand cathedral. The district's cobbled streets lead to serene courtyards and contemplative gardens, offering a respite for reflection.   Moon Garden: Moon Garden, situated on the outskirts, is a district celebrated for its botanical wonders. Lush gardens and enchanting flora create a serene ambiance, and pathways wind through moonlit glades. Moon Garden serves as a haven for nature enthusiasts, offering a tranquil escape from the bustling town.   Castle District: The Castle District stands as a testament to Aquentiari's grandeur, with the towering spires of the royal castle dominating the skyline. This district is home to the aristocracy, and opulent residences surround the castle. Lavish gardens and ornate fountains contribute to the district's regal ambiance.   Each district of Aquentiari weaves its own narrative, contributing to the town's vibrant tapestry of history, culture, and community. The town stands as a reflection of Lacri's diverse and rich cultural heritage.

Points of interest

Aurora Ridge, Lacri only a few miles north of the town.
Founding Date
11 Aurora 300 AE
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