Orumbia in its Prime: A City Ablaze with Life
Before the scars of World War 3, Orumbia, the capital of Kingdom of Lugdia,¬†was a vibrant metropolis teeming with life and innovation. Here's a glimpse into its flourishing districts:   The Brooks:
  • Description: A network of sparkling canals, the lifeblood of Orumbia. Pleasure barges, adorned with colorful awnings, glided along the water, carrying residents on leisurely journeys or romantic evenings. Elegant bridges spanned the canals, their arches adorned with intricate sculptures that reflected the city's artistic spirit. Markets overflowing with fresh produce and exotic goods lined the bustling canal banks.
Docks Ward:
  • Description: A hive of activity, filled with the rhythmic clang of hammers and the salty tang of the sea. Ships from across the globe docked at the massive piers, their holds brimming with spices, silks, and other treasures. Skilled laborers unloaded cargo, while merchants bartered and negotiated deals in bustling marketplaces. Taverns overflowing with sailors and adventurers offered a taste of faraway lands and a place to unwind after a long journey.
Castle Ward:
  • Description: The heart of Lugdia's power and prestige. The magnificent castle, its golden spires gleaming in the sunlight, housed the Archon/Archoness and the royal court. Immaculately groomed gardens surrounded the castle, a haven of peace and tranquility amidst the city's hustle and bustle. Guards in polished armor patrolled the grounds, ensuring the safety of the royal family and visiting dignitaries. Grand balls and lavish ceremonies were held within the castle walls, a display of Lugdia's wealth and sophistication.
Stormwood Point:
  • Description: A crown jewel of Orumbia, renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty. Lush green parks stretched for acres, dotted with vibrant flower beds and towering trees that provided welcome shade on hot summer days. Sculpted walkways meandered through meticulously maintained gardens, a testament to the city's horticultural expertise. Peaceful lakes teeming with fish reflected the clear blue sky, offering a serene escape from the urban bustle. Wealthy citizens strolled through Stormwood Point, enjoying the fresh air and the tranquil atmosphere.
Blue Gate:
  • Description: A symbol of Orumbia's grandeur and a testament to its impressive engineering. The massive, intricately carved blue doors gleamed in the sunlight, flanked by fortified towers manned by vigilant guards. The gatehouse buzzed with activity as travelers, merchants, and dignitaries passed through, eager to experience the wonders of Orumbia. Banners depicting Lugdia's coat of arms fluttered proudly above the gate, a beacon welcoming visitors to the kingdom's capital.
  Now it all lays in ruins.
Founding Date
6 Verdantia 37 AE
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