Weavers Gate:
  • Description: A bustling district filled with workshops and shops specializing in textiles, clothing, and tapestries. The air is thick with the rhythmic sounds of looms and the rich smell of dyes.
  • Inhabitants: Skilled weavers, tailors, dyers, and merchants. Many families have passed down their craft for generations, creating exquisite garments and tapestries prized throughout Bornia.
  • Points of Interest:
  • The Weaver's Guildhall: A grand building showcasing the best works of Etoria's weavers and hosting competitions to recognize exceptional craftsmanship.
  • The Silk Road: A vibrant market street filled with vendors selling exotic fabrics and threads imported from distant lands.
  • The House of a Thousand Looms: A renowned workshop known for its complex and intricate tapestries, often depicting religious scenes or historical events.
Pale Arch:
  • Description: A grand district where the nobility and wealthy elite reside. Elegant townhouses with manicured gardens line wide, cobblestone streets.
  • Inhabitants: Dukes, Barons, high-ranking military officials, and prominent merchants. Life here is one of luxury and social gatherings.
  • Points of Interest:
  • The Ducal Palace: The opulent residence of the Duke/Duchess, showcasing Bornia's wealth and power.
  • The High Temple: A magnificent cathedral, the center of Bornia's religious life.
  • The Ambassador's Quarter: A collection of elegant houses where foreign dignitaries reside.
North Slums:
  • Description: A crowded and impoverished district on the outskirts of Etoria. Dilapidated housing, overflowing with people struggling to make ends meet, defines the area.
  • Inhabitants: Day laborers, beggars, street performers, and those who have fallen on hard times. Crime and desperation are a constant threat.
  • Points of Interest:
  • The Soup Kitchen: Run by a charitable religious order, offering a single hot meal a day to the poor and hungry.
  • The Black Market: A hidden network of shops and stalls selling stolen goods, illegal substances, and anything else for the right price.
  • The Fighting Pits: A brutal underground arena where desperate people wager on violent hand-to-hand combat.
Golden Gate:
  • Description: The main entrance to Etoria, a fortified gate with gleaming golden statues of legendary heroes and griffins, symbols of Bornia's strength.
  • Inhabitants: Guards, customs officials, and merchants whose businesses cater to travelers and traders.
  • Points of Interest:
  • The Grand Bazaar: A vast marketplace bustling with activity, offering a wide variety of goods from across Bornia and beyond.
  • The Armory: A well-stocked weapons and armor shop catering to Bornia's military and adventurers.
  • The Griffon's Perch: A renowned tavern frequented by travelers, mercenaries, and those seeking a taste of life outside Bornia's strict moral code.
Evertide District:
  • Description: A lively district along the riverfront, teeming with activity at all hours. Fishing boats unload their daily catches, warehouses store goods for export, and taverns cater to sailors and dockworkers.
  • Inhabitants: Fishermen, sailors, shipbuilders, merchants involved in the import and export trade, and a mix of people from across Bornia and foreign lands.
  • Points of Interest:
  • The Harbormaster's Office: The central hub for managing port operations, overseeing docking rights, collecting taxes, and ensuring the safety and security of vessels.
  • The Fishmonger's Wharf: A bustling area where fresh catches are brought in daily and sold to restaurants, shops, and individual buyers.
  • The Sailor's Song: A popular tavern known for its lively atmosphere, cheap drinks, and bawdy songs.
Dark Garden:
  • Description: An enigmatic district shrouded in mystery. Narrow, winding streets lined with tall buildings that block out the sun create an oppressive atmosphere. Rumors abound of secret societies, forbidden knowledge, and dangerous liaisons.
  • Inhabitants: Alchemists, scholars studying banned texts, spies, assassins, and those who operate outside the law.
  • Points of Interest:
  • The Alchemist's Tower: A looming structure shrouded in secrecy, rumored to house experiments that push the boundaries of science and religion.
  • The Whisperwind Library: A clandestine collection of forbidden texts on history, philosophy, and magic, guarded by a shadowy organization.
  • The Veiled Court: A luxurious brothel catering to the elite, also rumored to be a front for a powerful secret society.
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4 Verdantia 35 AE
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