Aurelia Lighthouse

Purpose / Function

Primarily serves as a navigational aid to guide ships safely into the Celestial Bay.

Contents & Furnishings

Celestial Scriptures: Illuminated manuscripts and sacred texts that expound the tenets of the Eternal Harmony faith. They are meticulously preserved within the lighthouse, because there is always at least one member of the clergy on duty at all times.   Observation Instruments: Telescopes and celestial observation tools for studying the night sky, aligning with the cosmic themes of the faith. These devices also help with keeping on eye on incoming/outgoing ships as well as the necessary instruments for weather tracking.   Symbolic Murals: Artwork depicting scenes from the scriptures or celestial themes, serving both aesthetic and spiritual purposes.


Eternal Flame Relic: A venerated relic said to carry a perpetual flame, symbolizing the eternal nature of Infinite Grace. Safeguarded in a specially designed chamber. This is what powers the light. It is said to have been given by Aurelia to the first Pope of Vatican.   Sacred Vessels: Precious vessels used in religious ceremonies, crafted from rare materials and adorned with intricate detailing. Usually, these are backup of what's used or a few that need to be studied in solitude.   Rare Manuscripts: Ancient manuscripts and scrolls containing wisdom and teachings that are considered invaluable to the followers of Eternal Harmony. Not many are kept here, just those hearty enough to withstand the seawater that's close by. Some are still being translated.


Majestic and tall, it blends white stone and metal supports to keep it strong. It has several balconies and observation decks at various levels, offering stunning views of the bay and surrounding landscapes.


It is fitted with the most powerful light source that pierces through the darkest of nights. The light is carefully calibrated to provide optimal visibility for ships without causing glare. Bishops on Eternal Island maintain the Lighthouse with the help of others.
Founding Date
3 Zephyria 200 AE
Parent Location
Ruling/Owning Rank
Owning Organization

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