The Schism: Third World War

The Conflict


For centruies, a delicate balance of power existed between the Kingdom of Vepar and the Erbeilian Empire. The two powers, once bitter rivals, had forged an uneasy peace. However, a series of events shattered this fragile peace:

  • Resource Depletion
  • Technological Breakthrough
  • Shifting Alliances
  • Fanaticism and Nationalism
A series of escalating skirmishes between the Erbeilian Empire and an ally of the Kingdom of Vepar that culminated in a full-scale invasion. The Stargazer, leader of Vepar, declared war on the Erbeilian Empire, sparking the conflict.


  • Ground Forces: Conventional warfare erupted on several fronts, with Veparian and allied forces utilizing advanced defensive tactics and guerilla warfare to counter Erbelia's superior firepower.
  • Aerial Battles: Airships and advanced fighter craft clashed in the skies, vying for control of strategic airspace.


The war saw a terrifying escalation in technology and tactics:
  • Advanced Weaponry: Energy weapons, cloaking technology, and devastating biological agents were unleashed, blurring the lines between civilian and military targets.
  • Psychological Warfare: Both side employed sophisticated propaganda machines, manipulating information and strong fear amongst their enemies.


The war brought unimaginable sufferieng. Entire cities lay in ruins, irradiated and unihabitle, with the worst being in the Kingdom of Lugdia. Food shortages, disease outbreaks, and the psychological trauma of constant bombardment ravaged civilian populations.

The Engagement

The war was brutal.
  • Ground Warfare: The Kingdom of Vepar and its allied forces, despite facing superior technology, managed to hold back the Erbeilian Empire's advances through strategic retreats, guerilla tactics, and innovative defensive measures.
  • Aerial Battles: The skies became a deadly dance of advanced fighter crafts, with neither side achieving decisive air superiority.


  • Millions dead and countless wounded.
  • Widespread environmental damage.
  • Global economic collapse and resource scarcity.
  • Rise of anti-war sentiment and a yearning for a return to a pre-war balance and harmony.


  • The Schism ushered ing a new era of peace, an uneasy one at first that was marked by demilitarizairtion treaties and international cooperation on resource management. Eventually this will lead to international cooperation on space exploration.
  • A global focus on renewable energy development and environmental restoration efforts.
  • Rise of isolationist movements in various nations, weary of the destructive potential of large-scale warfare.
  • A cultural shift toward a more contemplative and philosophical outlook, seeking to understand the causes of the war and prevent future conflicts.

Historical Significance


The Schism serves as a start reminder of the consequences of unchecked ambition, technological advancement without ethical conisderations, and the dangers of nationalism. It stands as a crucial turning point in Caelum Prime's history, forcing societies to confront the potential for self-destruction and re-evaluate their priorities.
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
23 Halcyon 2400 SE
Ending Date
20 Cerulean 2407 SE
Conflict Result
After seven long years of devastation, both side were exhausted and on the brink of economic collapse. Neutral nations brokered a fragile peace treaty.

Cover image: by Lady Wynter


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