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Ancient Legend of Ghost Valley


The Veiled Tapestry recounts the story of a forbidden love between an Edrian princess and a visiting noble from a distant land. Faced with societal scorn, the couple sought solace in Ghost Valley, where they wove a mystical tapestry that was said to have the power to unveil the truth. They had the courage to bring it back and reveal the truth to all. It ushered in a new era for the world but exacted a toll on the lovers.

Historical Basis

While the legend's characters are likely fictional, scholars believe the narrative could be inspired by social tensions and love stories of the time, providing a veiled commentary on the complexities of relationships.


The legend spread through oral traditions, and multiple versions emerged over centuries. Apocryphal additions include encounters with benevolent spirits and guardian creatures within Ghost Valley.

Variations & Mutation

Regional variations exist, altering the fate of the lovers and the significance of the tapestry. Some versions emphasize the supernatural elements, while others focus on the societal repercussions of the love affair.

Cultural Reception

The legend holds a significant place in Edrian culture, symbolizing the enduring power of love and the quest for truth. Ghost Valley itself is a popular pilgrimage site, and the legend is celebrated during annual festivals with vibrant processions and performances.

In Literature

The Veiled Tapestry has inspired numerous poems, plays, and novels over the centuries. Notable authors have reimagined the legend, exploring its themes of love, sacrifice, and the pursuit of a higher truth.

In Art

The legend has been a frequent subject in Edrian art. Paintings, sculptures, and tapestries depicting scenes from the story can be found in museums and private collections. The imagery often emphasizes the ethereal beauty of Ghost Valley and the poignant moments of the lovers' tale.
Date of First Recording
Approximately 775 AE
Date of Setting
Setting nearly at the beginning of recorded time
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