This religion is a transplant from Earth. Several Humans who Infinite Grace saved and brought to Caelum Prime refused to accept Infinite Grace as their one and only deity. Fear still held them and they wanted to believe in more than one deity.   So, they clung to the Egyptian pantheon. But without their main books, and holy men, they had to rely on what they remembered. Their focus became on Isis as a beacon of hope. But they also couldn't forget how Earth ended. As such they became obsessed with Atum and the prophecy he recieved about Apophis eating the world, with Atum returning to Nun in the end.   Through their reciting, they stirred up more fear, which brought more people to them. They did their best to encorage balance and hope. But fear held them tight. Eventually, this lead to a split with Infinite Grace and Eternal Harmony.


This religion was dissovled in 2407 SE (Space Era), after the end of World War 3. This war made Humans realize that religious division among them was part of what incited the war. So, they dissolved this religion and its followers eventually were absorbed into Eternal Harmony.

Truth, Balance, and Order

3 Aurora 0 AE - 22 Cerulean 2407 SE

Religious, Organised Religion
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