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The Song of Creation


The Song of Creation is the core belief system of the Anyaia people, the Children of the First Note. It's not a deity or a singular entity, but rather the fundamental force that birthed the universe and continues to shape its existence.   Key Aspects:
  • Primordial Sound: The Song is considered the first vibration, the initial note that sparked the existence of everything.
  • Harmony and Balance: The Song represents the underlying order and harmony within the universe. All things, from the smallest creature to the grandest celestial body, have their own melody within the grand symphony.
  • Connection to Nature: The Anyaia believe the natural world is a manifestation of the Song. Wind whispers melodies, rivers sing with their flow, and even the stars move in a celestial dance choreographed by the Song.
  • Spiritual Growth: Achieving a deeper understanding of the Song is a lifelong pursuit for the Anyaia. This can be done through meditation, communing with nature, and artistic expression.

Historical Basis

The Song of Creation could have several possible historical roots depending on the overall feel of your world:
  • Animistic Traditions: Inspired by real-world animistic beliefs where all aspects of nature are believed to have a spirit or life force. The Song of Creation becomes the unifying force behind these spirits.
  • Musical Traditions: Cultures with rich musical traditions could inspire this concept. The Song becomes the underlying melody that governs the world and everything within it.
  • Creation Myths: Many cultures have stories about the creation of the universe. The Song of Creation could be a reimagining of these myths, focusing on the sound or melody that initiated creation.

Cultural Reception

The Song of Creation isn't a set of rigid commandments. It's a guiding principle that encourages living in harmony with nature and respecting the interconnectedness of all things.   Shamans or spiritual leaders within the Anyaia community might be seen as those who can best interpret the Song and its messages.   The Song of Creation can be a powerful tool for storytelling. Tales of characters seeking to understand their own melody within the Song or those who disrupt the harmony can add depth and intrigue to your world.

In Literature

Written down on various papers and scrolls

In Art

Shown in art and in architecture.
Date of First Recording
4 Zephyria 4 AE
Date of Setting
Before Record Time
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