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Raid of Golden Wheat


In the era when the sun-drenched fields of Golden Wheat sprawled across the land, a humble family thrived as cultivators of this magical grain. The wheat, renowned for its ability to sustain life with just a handful, was a symbol of prosperity and resilience.   However, the family's peaceful existence was shattered by persistent raids from marauders who sought to plunder the golden bounty. These relentless attacks brought hardship and fear, threatening the very foundation of the family's livelihood.   Amidst this turmoil emerged a valiant warrior, known for his unmatched prowess and unyielding spirit. Fueled by a sense of justice and the desire to protect the sacred fields, the warrior took up arms against the raiders. Through a series of epic battles, he defended the Golden Wheat and the family that cultivated it, standing as a bulwark against the forces of chaos.   As the raids intensified, the warrior's courage became legendary, inspiring not only the besieged family but also neighboring communities. His name echoed across the land, a rallying cry for justice and unity. Recognizing the need for collective defense, leaders from various regions came together under the banner of solidarity.   The warrior, having earned the trust and respect of the people, was unanimously chosen as the first President of the budding Union of Zavartia.

Historical Basis

There is no accurate historical basis. There are fragments of information on historical figures exist that speak of raids on farms and defense villages.


This legend is a part of Union of Zavartia culture and heritage.

Cultural Reception

Other cultures view this as a quirk of the capital and a way to bolster the people's opinion of the President of Zavartia. At best they believe it's an inspiring tale that some need to believe in.

In Literature

There are several poems written about it and it's in a book that a former President of Zavartia claims to be a true historical record.

In Art

Artwork is displayed on the walls of buildings and on the streets of Wheatchurch district of Zavarto, Zavartia.
Date of First Recording
31 Solaris 250 AE
Date of Setting
Before Recorded Time
Telling / Prose
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