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Power Generation

Helium (most common) - Lifts the airship due to its low density.   Hydrogen (potentially used in military airships) - More lifting power but highly flammable.   Internal combustion engines, electric motors, or steam engines - Power the propellers.


Propellers (driven by internal combustion engines, electric motors, or steam turbines)

Weapons & Armament

Cannons, machine guns, bomb racks (depending on role)

Armor and defense

Military Airships Only:
  • Light armor plating to protect vital components
  • Defensive measures like smoke screens or chaff dispensers

Communication Tools & Systems

Radiotelegraph   Signal flags (backup)


Sextant and compass (for traditional navigation)   Barometer (to measure altitude)   Modern airships may have advanced navigation systems like radar and GPS.

Additional & auxiliary systems

Ballast system (to control altitude)   Anchoring system   Lifeboats (mandatory for passenger airships)

Hangars & docked vessels

Large Airships Only:   Military airships may have hangars for deploying smaller fighter aircraft or observation drones.   Large civilian airships may have docking ports for smaller luxury airships or hot air balloons for sightseeing tours.
Current location
20m - 50m+ (depending on length and design)
Civilian Airship: 100m - 200m
Military Airship: 150m - 300m+
30m - 80m+ (depending on length and envelope design)
1,000 tons - 50,000+ tons (depending on size and materials)
30 knots - 80 knots+ (depending on size and power source)
Complement / Crew
10 - 100+ crew members (depending on size and purpose)
Civilian: Pilots, navigators, engineers, stewards, chefs, etc.
Military: Pilots, navigators, engineers, gunners, communication specialists, etc.
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
Passengers: 20 - 500+ (depending on size and luxury level)
Cargo: 5 - 100+ tons (supplemental to passenger focus)
Troops: 50 - 500+ (depending on size and mission)
Cargo: 50 - 500+ tons (weapons, supplies, vehicles)

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