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Worldbuilding Awards Nominees and Winners

The Worldbuilding Awards (previously known as Best of World Anvil) are a yearly event that we run to discover the best worldbuilding our community has to offer. The winners have their own showcase page, but here's the full list of nominees!


Worldbuilding Awards 2024

Best World


Most Beautiful World


Best Newcomer


Best Article


Cartography Award


History Award


Myths & Legends


Pillars of Progress


Strength Honor


Wondrous Nature


Rise of Nations


Hearts & Minds


Worldbuilding Awards 2022

Hearts & Minds Award


Rise of Nations Award


Wondrous Nature Award


Strength and Honor


Pillars of Progress


Myths and Legends


Time and Space


History Award


Cartography Award


Best Worldbuilding Article


Most groundbreaking new world


Most Beautiful New World


Most beautiful world


Best World


Best New World


Best of World Anvil 2021

Best Article


Most Creative World


Best World Introduction


Most Well-Organized World


Most Beautiful World Homepage


Best World Homepage


Best Timeline


Most Informative Map


Most Beautiful Map


Best Character


Best Ethnicity/Culture

  • C. B. Ash with [url:]Seskyalii
  • Dani with The Steel Lungs
  • M.J. Tremblay with Eisenhowerians
  • Stormbril with The Resourceful People of Soom Shida
  • Jan Kaltenecker with Undead

    Best Geographic Location


    Best Item


    Best Landmark/Building


    Best Material


    Best Myth


    Best Settlement


    Best Species


    Best Technology


    Best Tradition


    Best Vehicle


    Best of World Anvil 2020

    Best World Homepage


    Best Fantasy Article


    Best Science Fiction Article


    Best Map


    Best Timeline


    Best Character


    Best Location


    Best Organization


    Best Family Tree